General George Patton

Kasserine Pass and the Mareth Line, February - May 1943

After the Anglo-American landings in North Africa on November 8, 1942, the Americans remained optimistic about their ability to fight a real opponent like Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps. In retreat after the Battle of El Alamein, Rommel had disobeyed orders of his F├╝hrer. He was not without the ability to fight, however.

The United States Army, 1939-1945

General George C. Marshall became Army Chief of Staff in September 1939. He took command of a neglected army, 17th in the world in terms of size. He quickly took note of world events and communicated his concern immediately to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Ardennes Offensive, December 1944 - January 1945

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