Bonhoeffer - PBS (2003)

Composer John Keltonic writes about his contribution to the upcoming PBS documentary about some of the first resistance to Hitler.

"A touching narrative on the nature of faith - powerful and shocking"
The New York Times


I'm really pleased to let you know that "Bonhoeffer", the award-winning film that played at Sundance last year, will have its broadcast premiere on PBS this coming Monday, February 6, at 9 pm (check your local listings for details). I had the privilege of composing the music score for this amazing story.

The film tells the dramatic story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the young German who offered one of the first clear voices of resistance to Adolf Hitler. Bonhoeffer openly challenged his church to stand with the Jews in their time of need - a stand that cost him his life.

Composing the score was a wonderful challenge; I used the music to convey the huge swings in emotion that happen in this story - portraying everything from the crushing brutality of the Nazi soldiers to the quiet desperation sometimes felt by Bonhoeffer. The score uses a mix of live musicians and synthesized instruments, as well as a choir.

You can also learn more about the film itself at our website.

Enjoy the film!