ZiS-3 Field Artillery in Stalingrad

Soviet Red Army crew operates 76mm (3 inch) Model 1942 Divisional Artillery Zavod imeni Stalina ("Factory Named for Stalin") Type 3 (ZiS-3) in the outskirts of Stalingrad. They view was likely taken in the Spring of 1943 for propaganda purposes, as Soviet artillery was concentrated on the east bank of the Volga as per 62nd Army Commander General Vasily Chuikov's orders. Note the men are wearing standard Red Army uniforms and are well equipped. The man in the bottom center carries a PPSh-41 while the other men carry Mosin-Nagant carbine rifles. Chuikov argued with the Stalingrad Front commander Andrey Yeremenko over artillery placement. Chuikov argued that artillery could not be effectively supplied on the west bank of the Volga. The Soviets built up huge concentrations of artillery on the east bank. The ZiS-3 was an effective weapon that could be used as either field artillery with high explosive shells or as anti-tank artillery with armor piercing rounds. Four ZiS-3 field guns were assigned to each battery. Over 103,000 ZiS-3 guns were made during the war and it became the major weapon of the Red Army. Soviet artillery at Stalingrad were used effectively against German formations to break up their attacks.
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Jason McDonald
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Stalingrad Oblast
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics