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Kamikaze suicide planes attack the US Fleet off Okinawa, April 1945. Movie



Battle of Okinawa April 1 - July 2, 1945

In March, 1945, the last of the great amphibious operations of the War was being planned. Okinawa, in the Ryukyu Islands, was considered part of the Japanese Home Islands. Its proximity to Japan meant that it could not be bypassed.

Battleship Yamato

11/30/05 This Japanese movie will focus on the death of the Yamato and her crew. On April 6, 1945, the ship was sacrificed in an attempt to stop the invasion of Okinawa. Most of the crew perished. I think the film will be an epitaph for that era, as Yamato means “indomidable Japanese spirit.” She was also the pride of the Nihon Kaigun. I think they will use the ship as a metaphor The Japanese have located the wreck and have explored it numerous times. While I don't speak Japanese, the trailer looks interesting if not a little romantic.

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