Greece 1940-1945

Italy was at once awed and jealous of the German successes in 1940, and Mussolini declared war on Britain and France on June 10. Stagnated in France until the German victory, the Italians looked to the Southeast for something they could claim as their own prize.

200,000 Italian soldiers attacked Greece from Italian Albania on October 28, 1940. The Greek Army proved much tougher than Mussolini or his generals expected. Not only was the Italian advance smashed, the Italians were expelled from Greece and driven back to Albania.

France in World War II

In 1939 France’s Third Republic was sixty-eight years old, despite church and state rivalries, corruption, and political factionalization. At the start of World War II every major politician and every political party had their own newspaper disseminating their own propaganda.

Casualties in World War II

Casualties in World War II are notoriously difficult to calculate; while the Americans, British, Canadians and Germans gave their soldiers identification tags, The Soviets, Japanese, Italians and other combatants often did not. Add to that the huge numbers of irregular forces without any identification, or nom de guerre, and it's almost impossible to generate accurate numbers.

China in World War II

When Sun Yat Sen declared the Republic of China on October 10, 1911, China embarked on 40 years of internal struggle and civil war. Warlords quickly took over sections of the country and ruled them as individual fiefdoms. Fifteen years later, in 1926, Chiang Kai Shek took control of the Kuomintang Party (as it was known in the West,) and the Army. He began a campaign to overthrow them. He was allied with the Communist Chinese until the conquest of Shanghai.

Belgium in World War II

King Leopold III, commander of the Belgian Armed Forces in 1940, had a strategic dilemma. Both the French and the Germans sought to make war with each other on his soil. Both had war plans that called for advancement into Belgium to fight the main force engagement that General Gamelin, the French commander, and General Manstein, the German commander, hoped would eliminate the other.

Australia in World War II Video

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Japanese bombers attack Darwin in early 1942. 1:27, 2.3 MB

Australia and New Zealand in World War II

Australia joined with the United Kingdom in declaring war on September 3, 1939 on Germany. New Zealand did so also, preferring to send a separate letter to demonstrate independence. New Zealand and Australian units served in North Africa, Italy, and Greece and rendered good service. When the Japanese attacked around Asia and the Pacific in December 1941, the overseas units were rushed home as part of the agreement Australia and New Zealand signed with England at the start of the war.


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