Australia in World War II Video

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Japanese bombers attack Darwin in early 1942. 1:27, 2.3 MB

Australia and New Zealand in World War II

Australia joined with the United Kingdom in declaring war on September 3, 1939 on Germany. New Zealand did so also, preferring to send a separate letter to demonstrate independence. New Zealand and Australian units served in North Africa, Italy, and Greece and rendered good service. When the Japanese attacked around Asia and the Pacific in December 1941, the overseas units were rushed home as part of the agreement Australia and New Zealand signed with England at the start of the war.

Australian British Dutch American (ABDA) Command

The rapid advance of the Japanese stunned even them. Their advance - formed by superior equipment, training, tactics, and in some cases, numbers - left the Allies confused and in disarray. Despite immediate setbacks such as Pearl Harbor and the destruction of the British Battleships and destroyers of Force Z, the Allies made immediate plans to organize their forces for a counterattack.

Australia (2008)

1/3/07 The name of the film is Australia.

6/8/06 Fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman has agreed to take over the lead male role for the film. reports that the plot of the film is a cattle drive across the Australian outback. This film is getting more doubtful that it is anything more than a romantic epic. Cattle and Zeroes never mix well.

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