Fateless (2005)

This Hungarian production is being hailed for its emotional impact on audiences. Based on Nobel laureate Imre Kertesz's novel about Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, it follows the story of a young boy left behind after the liquidation of the Budapest Ghetto and his incarceration in Auschwitz.

Wikpedia, the Free Encyclopedia: Fateless (film)

IMdB: Fateless


8/14/06 TV Guide magazine is reporting that ABC will proceed with the Flory Van Beek miniseries despite Mel Gibson's "meltdown" (their words.) It is scheduled for 2007.

8/2/06 Gibson's recent drunkeness and supposed antisemitic slurs have led to the cancellation of the project by ABC. Supposedly Gibson's Icon Productions had failed to deliver a script, but we all know that it's because ABC didn't want to take on the storm of protest this project would have received.

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