Hungary in World War II

In 1941, Hitler’s strategic dilemma of invading and destroying the Soviet Union, a much larger country, led him to seek warriors from fascistic dictators across Europe. Spain, Italy, Romania and Hungary answered his call and sent forces.

Casualties in World War II

Casualties in World War II are notoriously difficult to calculate; while the Americans, British, Canadians and Germans gave their soldiers identification tags, The Soviets, Japanese, Italians and other combatants often did not. Add to that the huge numbers of irregular forces without any identification, or nom de guerre, and it's almost impossible to generate accurate numbers.

Finland in World War II

Before World War I Finland was part of Imperial Russia. As part of realm of the Czars, Finland chafed under its rule. After the war Finland, along with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, were carved out of the old empire and made into autonomous nations.


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Allied partner in the South Pacific

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