The Wizard War


More than any other war in human history, the Second World War was a war of advancing technology. Incredible advances changed the very nature of the warfare forever.

The 1930’s was a period of military and technological stagnation due to the reduced budgets brought on by the depression. Many nations, especially Germany, developed plans in secret that represented radical departures from traditional military thinking.

The Spanish Civil War allowed Germany to test and implement what the world came to know as Blitzkrieg. Many of the aircraft in Spain served with the Luftwaffe throughout the war in updated versions.

The Allies were slow to implement new technologies, faced with shrinking defense budgets in the 1930’s, and shrinking military intellect since World War I.Most of the British and French aircraft, and even the American aircraft, were fabric-covered biplanes as the Germans were developing and fighting all-metal monoplanes.

The French High Command in the spring of 1940 still relied on the same communications system used in World War I: motorcycle dispatch.The German Panzer legions mounted radios in each tank, and constantly provided their central commands with radio updates.

Throughout the war, the Germans and the Allies implemented more and more technology to gain an advantage over their enemy.Here are some of the more notable technological achievements from both sides.