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US submariners, while better fed and equipped than their Axis counterparts, still suffer high casualties while sinking more ships than any other weapons system. Movie

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World War II Boats Lost



the Transpacific Voyage of the I-400
posthumous web publication of the memoirs of the Executive Officer of the U.S. Navy prize crew that brought the I-400 from occupied Japan to U.S. territory in 1945

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Submarines in the Pacific War

WWII US Submarine Warfare Pacific World War II 1941-1945
World War II U.S. military history American fleet submarines unrestricted warfare campaign against Japan

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Rising To Victory The Pacific Submarine Strategy in World War II

The Empire Builders | TIME
It is a big day in Pearl Harbor when a black submarine slides in past the green flatlands, past Ford Island and the gaunt wreckage of the Oklahoma and warps into a slip at the Submarine Base. On...

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All U.S. Navy submarines of World War II, listed by class, with links to individual ship pages.

Sinkings By Boat
Sinkings by US Submarines in WW II


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