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US President Harry S Truman announces surrender. August 14, 1945. Movie


US Army General Douglas MacArthur arrives at Atsugi Airfield in Japan August 30, 1945. Movie

surrender tokyo bay

Japan surrenders aboard the USS Missouri. September 2, 1945. Movie

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SURRENDER OF JAPAN, 2 September 1945

"Radio Days - VJ Day"
The world celebrated Victory over Japan Day. Radio was there.

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Japan Surrenders, August 10-15, 1945

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Surrender of Japan
The chronology of Japanese surrender in WW2.

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Japanese officials sign the act of unconditional surrender, finally bringing to an end six years of world war.

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China marks Japanese surrender in bitter memory

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Dignitaries present at the Japanese Surrender

Former navigator recalls Japan's surrender

North and South Korea Split Over Celebrating 1945 Japan Surrender
South and North Korea were similarly enraged by the Japanese prime minister's visit to a shrine honoring Japan's war dead, but they revealed their continuing differences Tuesday in discord over the North's plans for a joint celebration of the anniversary

Allied ships present in Tokyo Bay for Japan's

Unconditional surrender signed by Japan 60 years ago finished WWII - Pravda.Ru