Prelude to War - United Soviet Socialist Republics

The prospect of Communist Russia terrified the Western democracies in 1918. Britain, France and America sent troops to occupy Russian ports and remained until the defeat of the White Russians in 1920. They left a country that was forming a government that many leftists hailed around the world.

Upon the death of Vladimir Lenin, a man took power that would create a very different legacy then the leftists hoped for. Josef Stalin neither was a communist philosopher nor a Russian. He was a paranoid, jealous man, who dragged the Soviet Union into the twentieth century with a mounting body count along the way.

The forced collectivization of the Kulaks, landed peasantry, led to thousands of deaths. Stalin created whole cities were the disempowered Kulaks built refineries and factories behind the Ural Mountains. Stalin, who never wrote much Communist ideology, created rules for young communists to interact, creating a communist society unlike that of the Czars.