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Australian soldiers hike over the Owen Stanleys to attack Kokoda. 1942. Movie

Australian soldiers are flown in when green American troops cannot take Buna. December 1942. Movie

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New Guinea

Kokoda Trail; our most famous battle of WW2

Historic Wings : Battle of the Bismarck Sea
The Battle of the Bismarck Sea was crucial turning point in Japan's plans to expand its holdings in the Pacific southward toward and into Australia. It was a battle of air power, fought by dozens of airplanes at a time, rather than the hundreds that flew on massed missions against the Germans over Europe. Coming soon after the Americans had defeated the Japanese at Guadacanal, the Battle of the Bismarck Sea sealed the fate of the Japanese plans against New Guinea. But it was not an easy win, by any means. It would take every aircraft the Allies had and a handful of new innovations to defeat what was considered a superior, well-supplied Japanese force at Rabaul.

Battle for Australia Council
The Battle for Australia was a struggle never before envisaged in this country but yet much of it still remains unknown. It was a struggle that stretched our national resources to the limit; which saw the bombing of mainland Australia; the attack by midget submarines on Sydney Harbour; and raised the spectre of the threat of a possible invasion through Papua New Guinea.

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PAPUAN CAMPAIGN: The Buna-Sanananda Operation 16 November 1942 - 23 January 1943

Gona Buna Sanananda, hard slog but Japs beaten