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As the invasion fleet supports the landings, kamikaze suicide planes make their first official appearance. October 1944. Movie

The Imperial Japanese Navy suffers huge losses, including the super-battleship Musashi. Movie

Admiral William “Bull” Halsey ignores the enigma intelligence and goes after the decoy force. October 25, 1944. Movie

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Dedicated to the men of RADM C.A.F. Sprague's U.S. Seventh Fleet Task Unit 77.4.3, Taffy III, for action against VADM Takeo Kurita's Imperial Japanese Navy Centre Force on 25 October 1944. Task Unit 77.4.3 consisted of six escort carriers (CVEs) FANSHAW BAY, ST LO, WHITE PLAINS, KALININ BAY, KITKUN BAY, & GAMBIER BAY, three destroyers (DDs) HOEL, HEERMANN, & JOHNSTON, and four smaller destroyer escorts (DEs) JOHN C. BUTLER, DENNIS, RAYMOND, & SAMUEL B. ROBERTS. They fought the vastly superior Imperial Japanese Navy Centre Force at Leyte Gulf on October 25, 1944, sustaining losses of five warships sunk and nearly all remaining warships heavily damaged; with the high cost of nearly 900 American lives.

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The Battle of Leyte Gulf

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The Battle of Leyte Gulf

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THE BATTLE FOR LEYTE GULF 23-26 October 1944 (D Llewellyn James)
Four major naval actions which together amount to the greatest naval battle in history, and one of the most decisive of the Pacific War

Battle for Leyte Gulf 23-26 october 1944 - Narrative of the battle - The Leyte landings - The Sho-Go Plan - US Third and Seventh Fleets - Halsey and Kinkaid - Task Force 38 - Mitscher

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Index to on-line histories of the liberation of the Philippines during World War II: Guerrilla operations, Leyte, Battle of Leyte Gulf, Luzon, etc.


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DE 413 Survivors

LEYTE GULF - The Battle of Surigao Strait (D Llewellyn James)
THE BATTLE FOR LEYTE GULF - The Battle of Surigao Strait 24-26 October - US forces under Rear Admiral Jesse Oldendorf - Japanese forces under Vice Admirals Nishimura and Shima - US battleships West Virginia, California, Tennessee, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, cruisers Louisville, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, Columbia, Phoenix, Boise - Australian heavy cruiser Shropshire - Fletcher Class Destroyers - Japanese battleships Fuso, Yamashiro - heavy cruisers Nachi, Ashigara, Mogami - US commanders Berkey, Weyler, Chandler, Jesse Coward

Performance of US Battleships at Surigao Strait

Order of Battle - Battle of Surigao Strait - 24-25 October 1944

USS Newcomb (DD-586), Battle of Surigao Strait