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The first B-29s arrive at their Tinian bases. October 1944. Movie

B-29s, P-51s and Japanese fighters mix it up over Tokyo in April 1945. Movie

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B-29 Superfortress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

B-29 Superfortress Then and Now. . .

Warbird Alley: Boeing B-29 Superfortress

Boeing B-29 Superfortress

Boeing B-29 Superfortress

B-29 Superfortress

::Boeing B29 Superfortess::
The Boeing B29 Superfortress was the largest bomber to enter service in World War Two. B29's played a major part in the overall bombing campaign in the Far East and two B29 Superfortress bombers ('Enola Gay' and 'Bockscar') took part in the atomic bomb raids on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

United States Strategic Bombing Survey: Summary Report (Pacific War)

IEER: Strategic Bombing, from Target Japan

::The Fire Raids on Japan::
The fire raids on Japan started in 1945. The fire raids were ordered byGeneral Curtis LeMay, who some see as the ‘Bomber Harris’ of the Pacific War, in response to the difficulty B-29 crews had in completing pinpoint strategic bombing over Japanese cities. LeMay, therefore, decided that blanket bombing raids on cities to undermine the morale of civilians were an appropriate response. After the attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941 (referred to as “unprovoked and dastardly” by President Roosevelt), no-one was willing to speak out on behalf of the Japanese citizens.

Bombing of Tokyo in World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Tokyo Fire Raids, 1945
An eyewitness account, from the ground, of the firebombing of Toyko.

B29 Air Raid on Japanese Cities

The Firebombing of Kobe and Osaka during World War II

March 9 and March 10, 1945 Bombing Tokyo