Guadalcanal Campaign Video

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US 1st Marine Division embarks for Australia, New Zealand and Guadalcanal. July-August 1942. Movie


US 1st Marine Division lands at Guadalcanal and Tulagi. August 7, 1942. Movie

Nimitz reinforces the Marines with Army units and expands Henderson Field. October 1942. Movie

The Army takes over from the 1st Marine Division in December 1942. Movie

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A Marine Diary: My Experiences on Guadalcanal

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The wreckage of the Grumman Wildcat fighter piloted by James Pug Southerland on August 7, 1942 reveals clues aboout the now-famous aerial battle he fought against the Japanese Zero pilot Saburo Sakai.

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bio of Harold W. Bauer, Marine ace at Guadalcanal in WWII

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