8/14/06 TV Guide magazine is reporting that ABC will proceed with the Flory Van Beek miniseries despite Mel Gibson's "meltdown" (their words.) It is scheduled for 2007.

8/2/06 Gibson's recent drunkeness and supposed antisemitic slurs have led to the cancellation of the project by ABC. Supposedly Gibson's Icon Productions had failed to deliver a script, but we all know that it's because ABC didn't want to take on the storm of protest this project would have received.

12/9/05 Mel Gibson, who’s been noted for his fair and honest opinions about Jews in the past (heavy sarcasm, please don’t E-mail) has announced a new film about the Holocaust. This story about a Jewish girl hidden from Nazis in Holland by her boyfriend is in production. About 5 seconds later, the ADL and Rabbis began to condemn the film. I can't say I've liked everything he’s done, but he is a talented director and it should be interesting if not infuriating. Look for a large marketing campaign to conservative Christians.