The Allies On The Defensive

1942 was the only time the Japanese had a chance to win the war. With the victories in December 1941 and the first half of 1942, the Allies were hard pressed to supply both the European and the Japanese war effort. In June 1942, the Japanese expansion was stopped cold at the Battle of Midway. In the waters around Guadalcanal, the true test of initiative was found. The two navies were often evenly matched; the contest for the land was fought as much on the sea. MacArthur moved up the New Guinea coast, using Australian soldiers because he had no American units. By the end of 1942, the massive industrial capacity of the United States was beginning to be felt. The fighting would be long and bitter.

The United States, hard pressed in the Pacific, cannot mount operations in Europe until late in 1942. America plans to build a huge strategic air force to attack Germany herself. The British attempt a massive raid on the French coast. Meanwhile, the Germans, expecting a summer of large gains, come to the city bearing the name of the Soviet Leader and engage in a bitter campaign to take it. The Germans also face defeat in North Africa at the hands of the British as the first American troops enter combat in Europe. If the Allies fail to gain control of the Atlantic, they will not be able to attack anywhere.

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