Reichstag After Fall of Berlin

Soviet Navy Photographer Yevgeny Khaldei made this composite image of the Red Army storming the Reichstag. It's made up of at least four different images.

It Happens In Scouting - Look At The Branches. Do Not Sleep In Secret - You Are Responsible For Everyone!

The Razvedchiki were the all-purpose elite units of the Red Army. The Red Army combined the functions that the United States Army separated into reconnaissance and intelligence units.

Conserve Military Equipment - It Will Not Let You Down In Battle

The Model 1910 Maxim was the standard heavy machine gun for the Red Army until 1943. This poster taught soldiers how to operate the Maxim in cold weather.

To Have Accuracy And Dexterity In Combat, Protect Your Rifle Like Your Life

The Mosin Nagant 1891/30 was the standard infantry rifle for the Red Army. This poster taught soldiers how to clean their rifle.

Moscow Strikes Back


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